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Thread: any info on a pro hunter please

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    any info on a pro hunter please

    hi im looking at getting a 6.5x55 prohunter have any of you got or had one and can tell me about its performance thanks

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    Had one for two years good workhorse rifle shot well out of the box using Norma ammo 120 gr bt not used anything else as I have a 308 pro hunter too .plenty of knockers out there regarding the stock, safety ,sweated barrel Ect ,but they do what they say on the box .i am having a stock made for the 308 so they can be replaced folks tell me they can be rebarrelled and as for the safety I think it's sweet . Plenty of deer would testify if theycould talk but they are dead !

    ​Ps the 6.5 is so sweet a round love it .

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    I have the pro hunter stainless in 308. Accurate, easy to maintain. Has been my main rifle for deer and range work for a number of years now. The only issue I had with it was using an over the barrel mod (T8) when the accuracy would go out after 5/6 rounds on the range. I believe this was caused by heat build up causing a change in the tightness where the mod touched the barrel changing the POA. Fixed by replacing the mod with a different type.


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    thanks for that mate the one im looking at is the mark ii with the upgraded foreend stock as the early ones flexed so im told. im using a vanguard .243 and that's been a good work horse straight from the box. thanks again bigbird

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    thanks for that mate I was thinking of getting an a tec mod don't know if you have used one . bigbird

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    Got an ase utra north star on mine doesn't warm the barrel up so much .although it screws back over the barrel it doesn't touch there is a gap.

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    I've got one in .243 and can't fault it. The trigger is fantastic and I've never bad a problem with the stock. I am so pleased with it I've have brought the same rifle but in the shorter barreled mountain version in .270. I've also had no problems with the t8 mod either.


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