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Thread: case cleaning media

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    case cleaning media

    Hello Guys

    bit of advise required

    I've been cleaning my cases in walnut media for a while now in my tumbler and have noticed that theyre taking longer to polish up, i know the media has to be replaced every so often so the question is

    what media do you find is best for cleaning the brass cases without going to the expense of changing the machine to a stainless media polisher

    many thanks


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    hi i think i use maze or coconut .but i change it after every 500 cases.

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    A few drops of brasso dribbled into the media every so often will bring the cases up nice and shiny and extend the usability of your media a bit.
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    I use "ground English walnut shell reptile bedding" from my local petshop. The brand is "Zilla". Comes in 5qt and 25qt bags. 5qt weighs about 7 lb and cost 6.20 a few years ago.

    Not sure if it is still available, I'll have to ask at the shop, doesn't seem to show in simple online searches, but there are several UK e-bayers selling walnut shell blasting/tumbling media at similar prices. You want approx. 1mm particle size.

    I also add a tiny amount i.e. half teaspoonful per 2lb of jewellers rouge powder which gives a superb shine. Not technically necessary but looks pretty. I got a lifetime's supply from I bought the 500 gm tub which was a mistake, 100 gm would be plenty.

    This is pretty much the same as Lyman Tufnut walnut/rouge media, at a fraction of the price. And looks identical

    I've tumbled well over 2000 cases and the first batch of media is still working fine. When it does slow down I could try adding a bit more rouge, but I'll probably just replace it since it is so cheap. My Lyman Turbo Twin takes 1lb of media in the small bowl, 2lb in the large one, i.e. one or two quids worth.

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