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Thread: Priming new brass

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    Priming new brass

    Priming new brass today and have had some misfires 5 out of 35. On close inspection the primers seamed to be seated to deep.

    Any thought's or comments appreciated?

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    Hi John,
    What calibre, brass and primers are you using.
    atb blue.

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    These were .222 with Relcom brass marked R-P, Remington 7.5

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    Hi John,The brass should be ok, are you hand priming or are you using an attachment on the reloading press? Sometimes you can get a little too much downward pressure and crush the anvil with the reloading press. The ideal depth is just deeper than flush 3 to 5 thou, if you are unsure try leaving the primers flush with the bottom of the case, the only problem with this, if the primer pocket is loose you could still end up with mis-fires, but if it is new brass you should be ok.
    If in doubt, ask someone with experience in loading .222's.
    atb blue...
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    I find that this is one area where the Lee autoprime is quite good in that you can feel the primers seating properly and it's difficult (near impossible) to crush the primer.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    yep the lee auto prime is awesome for primimng you need to seat the primer to the bottom but crush it no more than 2 thou
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