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Thread: going for a leak........

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    going for a leak........

    Last night I thought I'd take advantage of the beautiful weather and head to the farm to see about catching up with a sneaky roe buck I've been seeing a lot lately. Every time I've seen him he's appeared from nowhere or not presented a safe shot, or just knows that if he stands right in the middle of a large open field that I can't get close to him........
    So I thought I'd play hide and seek with him so hunckered down under a hedgerow and got comfortable. After about 45 mins, a doe with last years twins (also both does) appeared on the far side of the field, but no buck.......
    I waite a bit longer, but was feeling an ever increasing urge to take a leak........still no sign of Mr buck, I decided I'd risk it, so I stood up slowly and turned to face the hedge and went about draining the system, it then became apparent that I was being watched, the sneaky bugger was 40m the other side of hedge (with a safe backstop!) staring at me. Bugger! Sure enough, he wasn't about to hang about long enough for me to compose myself and ready the rifle......he lived to see yet another day, think next time I'll have a leak before I get settled, bloody typical!
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    Ha ha he's taking the piss lol sorry mate had to, a few years ago I was in a syndicate and the very same thing happen to me, my pal had found a path deer were using on the side of a plantation he had shot a doe off it a couple of weeks earlier so he gave me the heads up on the path they were using, so after eventually finding this path I got settled in after about an hour I needed to strain the spuds putting if off for a while just in case anything came out, I couldn't wait any longer. So I stood up started to strain the spuds when a doe and a kid walked out stopped looked straight at me waited for me to finish then ran off , so I always stalk in waiders now lol.

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