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Thread: young shot

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    young shot

    i have a 14 year old son who is desperate for me to take him out stalking can someone let me know if i would be breaking any laws?

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    You can take who you like stalking..............

    Look at Chapter 7 of the HO Firearms Guidance, there is a link in the Legal Section on the Forum front page.


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    young person

    I am interested in the general response to this. A friend of mine sent a picture of his young son (9ish) to BASC to put in their young shots section of the mag. He had a pigeon he had shot with a .22LR. He received a very snotty letter back from BASC stating that for anyone under 14 to use a section 1 firearm is illegal unless on a range (or fairground perversely). I checked up in my "shooting law" book and this seems to be the case. Shotguns are a different matter.
    It is a very commonly held view that anyone can fire your rifle as long as you are in attendance, no matter what their age. Without wanting to steal the thread I wonder if anyone can definitively answer?

    The home office guidance refers to under 14's and good reason, where the good reason is competitive target shooting (hence range) so is a bit misleading.

    However at 14 you should not be breaching any laws unless you are poaching or someone gets shot!!!

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    get him out shooting captain the earlier they start the better
    my son was in sporting gun magazine at 14 having shot 200
    pigeons two his own gun hes 17 now with full firearms and
    shotgun certificate
    there is a downside though when he beats dad
    ATB pete .

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    Here's the link to the Home Office guidance to Police on Firearms Law:

    The 'Young Persons' section starts on Page 31, and is backed up by a summary in Appendix 4. It looks like you have to read specific sections of the Law to get the full understanding:

    7.8 Sections 22(2) and 24(2)(a) and (b) of the
    1968 Act deal with persons under the age
    of fourteen and relate only to firearms and
    ammunition to which section 1 of the 1968
    Act applies, which (by virtue of the 1982
    Act) includes replicas which can be readily
    converted to fire. Under section 24(2)(a) such
    firearms may not be given or lent to a person
    under fourteen (though it is not an offence
    by the young person to receive them).
    7.9 Section 22(2) prohibits persons under the
    age of fourteen from having with them any
    such firearms or ammunition except in
    circumstances where they are entitled by
    virtue of sections 11(1), (3) or (4) of the 1968
    Act or section 15(1) of the 1988 Act to have
    possession of them without holding a firearm
    certificate. These include possession at rifle
    clubs, on a miniature rifle range or as a
    member of a cadet corps. Except in such
    circumstances, it is an offence under section
    24(2)(b) to part with the possession of any
    firearms or ammunition to which section 1
    applies to a person who is under the age of
    fourteen (though it is not an offence by the
    young person to receive them).

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    Been covered here before

    I may be wrong but the way I read it, he cannot use your (or estate rifle) unless he has his own FAC with your rifle entered on it until he is 17.

    I have emailed BASC and will post their response

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    This might be useful:


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    Will be very interested in BASC's response, as I am also looking at this whole question.

    What I found on the BASC website was their guidance on Young People and Firearms, which says:

    14 TO 16 YEARS OF AGE
    At the age of 14 a person may hold a firearm certificate and may then be given firearms and ammunition within the conditions on the certificate.

    The law does not set a minimum age at which the holder of a firearm certificate may shoot without adult supervision. That is left to the discretion of the parent or guardian.
    So far as use of the 'Estate Rifle', again from BASC:


    The above act made it lawful for someone of, or over, the age of 17 to borrow a rifle from the occupier of private land and use it, on that land, under the supervision of the occupier but only under the conditions on that certificate. Under these circumstances the rifle can also be borrowed from a “servant of the occupier”, for example a gamekeeper.
    The italics are BASC's.

    As I read it that means that captain kulzean's son can only use his rifle if (a) he currently has his own firearms certificate and has the captains rifle on it, or (b) he waits until he is 17 and then uses the captain's rifle as the Estate Rifle.

    Clear as mud


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    Some way back about 8 years ago I gave a weeks stalking for a young shot away to BASC (mind you I was a member then ) and they made a stipulation that by law they had to be 17 years of age and over to use my rifle/rifles on my lease in Scotland.

    Mind you I can take anyone over 17 out on anyone of my leases and they can use my rifles even if they are from overseas without a Visitors Permit, which always makes me laugh when it comes to applying for overseas visitors permits to stalk in the UK and the rig marol that goes with them


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    Level 1 question.

    Your 14 year old son passed the written assessment of the DSC1 and shoots well with a .22 in the Cadet Corps. He now wants to go deer stalking but has not Firearms Certificate. What are your legal options?

    a. You send him out under supervision of a local game keeper whose estate rifle he will borrow

    b. You can lend him your rifle withour a certificate as long as you supervise him closely

    c. You can allow him to buy a rifle himself having first obtained a Firearms Certificate

    d .You can lend him your rifle, he having first obtained a Firearms Certificate for the rifle

    The correct answer according to Deer Quest is (d) as I thought.

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