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    Got a house cat aged 18 years and he has never been outside. Never needed to take him to a vet and he has kept good health until the last month where he seems to be losing the plot and has been messing everywhere but the litter tray. He calls for food when all his bowls are full and is losing weight slowly. Is his number up or will a vet put him down at the usual great expense?

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    My cat went the same way at the age of 20 she would make a lot of noise all the time and the vet thought it would be because she lost her hearing. We had her put down. Probably the best thing for her.

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    I have a Chesapeake adolescent that is rough on the cat and I thought it may be stress related. His hearing is fine.

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    I have had some old cats seem to get a sort of dementia but more common is something like kidney failure (or possibly liver failure) allowing toxins to build up and affect the brain. If the cat is 18 years old you could have some tests done or you may elect to have the cat put to sleep.

    [not really that expensive for a professional service]

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