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Thread: Syndicate places now available SW Scotland

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    Syndicate places now available SW Scotland

    Hi chaps, I will have syndicate places available from June/July for at least one ground and will be tendering for additional grounds locally that are roe mostly but also roe and fallow. These syndicate places are on FC ground and those registering an interest need a minimum of DSC1 while being registered for DSC2, Insurance and should ideally have first aid certification in place. These are not for profit places and the cost of the place is simply a division of the lease cost by the number of members.

    FC leases require all DSC1 syndicate members to be Ďaccompaniedí when visiting the grounds to shoot. It is therefore an advantage to buddy up with a DSC2 holder you can rely on to visit with. I would be available at times to accompany DSC1ís and do witnessing but I canít guarantee my availability at short notice.

    Current places available are on Brownmoor Planation, just a couple of minutes from Ecclefechan situated at junction 19 on the m74 and 10 minutes into Scotland. £250 per place (11 roe culled last season of the 11 deer cull plan).

    For more details about Brownmoor and the other grounds or to be named on new Tenders applications for this season just drop me a pm with your name, email and phone number and Iíll get right back to you. ATB


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    Hi Paul, can you confirm how many syndicate members in total will be on Brownmoor?

    Many thanks

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    Whereabouts in the midlands are you munty6.5?

    ​regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Hi Paul

    As discussed a while back, do you think this would be a suitable place for myself ?. I can register, and can provide a witness myself for the level 2.

    . PM me any details you like but I would be interested in this if you think it would suit me.

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    hi paul how would it work would you have to book your days .

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    Hi guys, Brownmoor is 4+ me and I only really shoot to help with meeting the cull target if needed. Mark, places are suitable yes and I'll witness when I can for you but there are also other witnesses locally that will help out if asked for dsc1's doing dsc2.

    Wiganer, yes. When you've a date that fits or you fancy then you'd just give me a shout and I'd book you in. The local rangers are not as strict as some areas and I just text them details, often from the carpark!

    Going home from work now so will email tonight for those that pm'd. Please include your email address in your pm so I can send attachments with the details, cheers


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    all pm's replied too

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    Hi Paul am intrested have Dsc1 and started Dsc 2 my mob is 07740240172

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    hi Taff, could you pm me your email address and I'll send you the particulars of the grounds to look over, cheers


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    hi paul,i hope you recieved my email address,if not would please send your to me or tp number,
    many thanks. regards l

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