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    Afternoon jolly people

    I have just been quoted 1700 to insure a disco as a second car. I'd only be using it a couple of times a week for shooting as I already have a everyday car. Just wondered if anyone had any ideas how to get round the issue and bring the price down as I'm being given the car so don't really want to turn it down, before anyone says it it's not an option to take the car and sell it

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    how old is it? if its 20yrs put it on classic insurance approx 100

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    My company Aviva gives me discount as I don,t use it to commute to work and also have a limited mileage agreement.

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    It's 1995 aviva gave me the quote on a 1000 mile policy was very annoyed considering my mum and I have our car insurance with them spending 700 between us

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    shop about, unless you are 17 that is a crap quote

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    Only just over 17 lol I'm 21

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    Unfortunately its your age thats the problem, insurance comes down quite a bit when you hit twenty five not that that is any help to you right now , my grandson is paying almost the same to insure a 1.1 Peugeot and he is just a year younger than you.

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    Yea it's a royal pain in the butt my c2 costs me 500 but I don't want to destroy it driving over fields for shooting and I can't afford a 4 x4 for everyday use as I do about a 1000 miles a week with Uni and the navy

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    could the 4x4 be left on the farm you shoot? then just used to get about till you can afford to insure it

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    Not really as I shoot on 3 different farmstead require road use between them. I may try and ask my farmer mate if I could put it on his farm insurance and ill pay the extra cost

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