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Thread: JW stalking syndicate

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    JW stalking syndicate

    hi all
    new to his site having had it recommended so please be gentle with me !! the question I'm asking is does anyone know anything at all good or bad about JW stalking syndicate as I'm thinking about joining this year and trying to do some research before i hand over my hard earned
    thanks in advance

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    Hi Mate,

    Is this the John Woodward syndicate in Scotland?


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    yes thats right do you have any info that could help me please, im meeting him on fri up at the area where the syindicate is based and he seems a decent sort on the phone but any info you have would be brill "good or bad"
    thanks for the reply

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    would like to hear how you got on here with JW
    he messed me about something chronic , when i ever tried to book stalking with him or tried too join a syndicate he ran
    he even cancelled stalking trips the day before we were due to go after we had booked holidays off work especially and not just on one occassion either
    still not been stalking with him or joined one of his syndicates and never will now i am afraid
    i hope he has changed over the last few years and sorted his act out as
    But i do agree he has a great telephone manner about him and when you meet him in person you will come away thinking what a sound bloke
    but thats as far as it went for me i'm afraid
    like i say
    i hope he has changed,
    others might be able to shed more light on it for you

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    hi stone
    thanks very much for the reply ive got a meet with him tomorow up in scotland so ill flick ya a pm if ya like and let ya know how i got on.
    all the best

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    I've been on the Glaisters/Auchenhay/Rosko Hill syndicate this past year. Plenty of deer and lovely ground.

    No problems with John or booking onto the ground. I'll be up on Friday evening for the weekend.


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    hi mate
    thanks for the reply ive PM ya just put this here so people dont think im ignorant !!!!! ha ha

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    been with john now for 3 seasons on glaisters, etc, nice ground, decent bloke,he's now a A.W if you want to do your level two. have just been asked back this year and fees are cheaper than last(if you dont mind can I ask you what he's charging you, pm me if you dont want to go public).
    been invited to join a mates syndicate in lanarkshire which is dirt cheap and very nice ground so I don't no what to do yet.
    stay in the galloway arms while your up there,pat the hostess does stalkers rates and all day breakfasts and will buy venison of you if you don't want it.

    smullery. have you had any fallow of rosko yet, seen a few hinds but no bucks.

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    thanks for the reply mate ill pm ya after ive done this

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    wish you luck
    and hope things go well
    look forward to hearing more

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