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Thread: I heard a cuckoo this am

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    I heard a cuckoo this am

    Well I heard my first call at 6.30am so spring is here!!

    Quite rare nowerdays always remember they where arround when the hedges were in full leaf and the apple blossom was out. I hope he has his thermals.


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    Heard one yesterday, did you say spring is here ?
    Pretty cool here again this morning, trees and hedges only just waking up.
    As for the crops........don't get me started.

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    I heard one on Sunday 14th in the New Forest.

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    Yeah, I heard my first this year this afternoon.
    ​Seems they must have all come over together!!!!

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    First Cuckcoo was Monday 15th lunchtime along with the first Swallows. Ashdown Forest.

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    Heard one while stalking in the Cotswolds last Sunday morning.

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    First one, Sunday morning in Mid Argyll. House martins seen yesterday.

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    I heard my first last Saturday while out waiting for charlie to appear.

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    one giving it his all tonight near york

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    Have not heard one around here for years. Mind you we don't see the Hen Harrier now nor the Montagu's Harrier since they blanketed the area with Maize for bio fuels. The Grey Partridge we used to see on our small field have gone. The Maize has driven them away. Nothing in it for them to feed on and they cannot see predators so they have moved to better pastures. have not heard a Sky lark either this year again they cannot live in this Bio Fuel crop... so much for saving the planet and it's wildlife.

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