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Thread: CED Millenium Chronograph

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    CED Millenium Chronograph

    As per title, 165 plus postage.

    Chrono unit
    Mounting Bar
    Daylight Sky screens
    Infra Red Screens (no battery pack as I connected them to my car battery if needed - cable with croc clips included)
    Instructions booklet
    All in a nylon black/yellow carry case (Branded 'robin' - electrical test gear manufs)

    No tripod.

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    I'm surprised this hasn't been snapped up yet Joe, especially with the infrared skyscreens also. Good bit of kit.

    I use the one we have at the club a fair bit, it takes out the guess work. Quite a few of the club members have had a few surprises as to what velocity their favourite loads are really doing rather than what some of the reloading manuals suggest. It also makes you aware that some of the claims for factory ammo velocities may be a bit optimistic.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Yeah, the infra red screens are really useful when sky conditions are not optimal.
    The set-up is simple. Just screw the bar onto a standard tripod (I use a Slik tripod, but any medium to heavy-duty tripod works well). I've been using this unit so much that I just leave the bar permanently attached to the tripod. The sensors plug into each end, and the side rails and diffuser screens slide right on. The first sensor's jack is plugged into the "start" jack on the main unit; the second sensor's jack goes into the "stop" jack. Press the "ON" button on the tactile keypad, and you are good to go.

    The CED holds 220 shots in memory, into one string or up to 20 strings as you prefer. Highest velocity, lowest velocity, average velocity, standard deviation, and extreme spread are all recorded for you. PC software is included, so you can upload your data when you get back from the range for analysis and printing via serial port. There is a HP IR output included as well, but Hewlett-Packard has essentially obsoleted their own port-it will work with the old H-P thermal printers, though.

    The CED records velocities from 50 to 5000 fps
    The Millennium CED has been tested vs. Doppler radar lab equipment, and was found to be within 99.8% of lab radar.

    Competitive Edge Dynamics presents the "CED Millennium Chronograph", with
    advanced technology, functional design, and unique features not seen until now!
    Creating a new unparalleled standard in performance, function, and styling, the CED
    Millennium Chronograph will lead the industry for years to come!
    So advanced is the CED Millennium, that it required total custom design, tooling, and
    circuitry development. As with all CED products, the CED Millennium is packed with
    quality and value! No other chronograph offers as many quality features at such an
    affordable value as the CED Millennium.
    Standard features every shooter will appreciate:
    * High, Low, and Average Velocity
    * Extreme Spread
    * Standard Deviation
    * Edit and Omit Functions
    * 10X Mode-measures to the tenth on low velocity
    * Multiple skyscreen distance selection
    * Meter or Feet recording capacity
    * 9 volt battery operation
    The CED Millennium Chronograph goes far beyond the competition with additional
    advanced custom features including:
    * Sleek, lightweight, and compact design
    * The largest custom LCD display in the industry
    providing all relative information at a single glance
    * Large string and shot capacity
    * Permanent memory back-up
    * Voice chip technology - Now, results can be heard as well as seen!
    * "Advanced Error Warning" system
    * Dual Lens Skyscreen Sensors, Diffuser Screens, and 2 ft. foldable
    (tripod threaded) Mounting Bracket included!
    * Custom Key pad - No toggling required with "easy to read" format
    and moisture resistant display
    * Infrared printer interface
    * PC interface - Download your data for additional use
    * Power Factor computation - Easily computes IPSC Power Factors
    * On / Off control, with no-memory loss "Auto-Shut Down" mode
    * Low battery warning indicator
    * Back-up battery storage
    * 20 ft. Shielded cable
    * The optional Infrared upgrade set allows usage of the CED Millennium Chronograph
    under any light conditions, even in total darkness.

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