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Thread: Sticks. Deer stalking sticks

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    Sticks. Deer stalking sticks

    Hi guys I am taking over from Tom tj waines making the stalking sticks there 72 including postage I am also doing the tripod sticks for 97 including postage anyone interested pm me rgds remmy.

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    All these are made to order I have had the originals for 12 years now and still going strong.Attachment 27432
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    Do you have any pics of the tri-pod ones


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    Will get some sorted jono cheers remmy.

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    If you are making them the same as Tom they are cracking sticks

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    I feel a little bad that I have a set of toms sticks that I won in the raffle sitting here unused because i still take out the garden canes.

    Must remember to chuck them in the back of the truck next outing..

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    Attachment 27759Attachment 27760Attachment 27758
    Here's the bipod sticks 72 posted I am doing them for 60 but the only way to post them is parcelforce 48 and that is 12 due to Royal Mail postage cost going up. Rgds remmy.
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    Received my set today - hand delivered by remmy. Great service and a great looking product. Hopefully get out to give them a try tonight if the rain would clear off

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    My sticks arrived today thanks great product and great service


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    Ditto the above!!! Great product and service.


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