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Thread: help with heads

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    help with heads

    I reload nosler 70gbt and 58g v-max but always have problems getting the heads.I live in Hereford and found the nearest place for me is Litt,s of newport(sorry now the sportsmen) can these be posted ? Being jobless now stops me running all over the country to get some ha ha.

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    only to an RFD


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    I'm afraid they're Section 5 expanding missiles, so strictly face to face!

    As a Herefordshire local myself, the lack of well-stocked gun shops it a pain in the butt - especially for reloading gear. You could try Tony Leamon, as the only local RFD holding any reloading components - he's in Tupsley in Hereford and if he doesn't have them in stock, he'll get them in for you:

    Not strictly local, there's also Shooting Supplies in Bromsgrove and Andrew Banner's new shop outside Droitwich, plus Mike Norris keeps a vast array of common and obscure bullets in stock at his place near Telford (leave at least 4 hours free for visiting him ).



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    only 4 hours did you tell mike you was in a hurry

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    Tupsley that sounds promising if he'll order them that would be great as other local shops don't seem to be interested in anybody that home loads.cheers

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