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Thread: HTC Desire HD Smartphone

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    HTC Desire HD Smartphone

    HTC Desire HD Smartphone

    My contract came to an end so I have changed phones. Have had no problems with it whatsoever.

    It is 18 months old and has spent its entire life in an armoured case with a screen cover so it is in immaculate condition. I was a little rough on one occasion taking a cover off the back of the phone so it has a small crack in it but it is still secure and could be replaced if you are that fussed. Screen is perfect.

    It comes with,

    2 long usb cables
    1 short usb cable
    1 240v charging adaptor
    1 car charging adaptor
    1 set of headphones/microphone (only used once or twice)
    1 case-guard armoured case (a little worn but still serviceable)

    The big screen is perfect for running ballistic apps out on the range.

    100 + P+P

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Had a few queries on whether it is locked or not. I don't know for sure but if orange keep their contract phones locked until they are unlocked then it probably is. I had a look on the Interweb and found this,

    Unlock HTC Desire

    I think it also shows it is priced quite fairly but I don't mind moving a little on 100.

    As mentioned in the OP, any knocks this phone has had will have been absorbed by the bombproof case so you can by with confidence rather than taking a gamble on the evilbay!

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