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Thread: Swarovski 6x42

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    Swarovski 6x42

    Has been on the .308 i have just sold so surplus to requirements. Bought from McLeods Tain 3 years ish ago and not fired many rounds since then as its been on my second rifle.

    Inc butler creeks

    Couple of small marks but no crimping etc.

    Got some pictures i can email but once again my computer doesn't seem keen on uploading pictures!

    300 plus post or collect from whitby


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    Is it a Habicht?

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    What type of reticle does it have?

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    The one with 3 thick posts goinf to a thin cross and no think post on the top.

    Having taken it off the rifle there are a couple of small surface marks which i have pictures of, just cosmetic but price reduction to 275.

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    You have a pm.

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