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Thread: Harkila Pro Hunter Trousers 34" waist, swap short leg for long (D96 for C50)

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    Harkila Pro Hunter Trousers 34" waist, swap short leg for long (D96 for C50)

    I have a pair of good condition Harkila Pro Hunter trousers, size D96 which translates to 34" waist and 30" leg.

    They are a bit on the short side for me.

    Does any body have a similarly good condition set of the "normal" length C50 size Pro Hunters, 34' waist 32" leg that are a bit too long for them and would like to swap? I would even be interested in the next size up C52 I could always wear braces!

    Long shots-r-us!


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    Sell 'em instead! I may be interested. PM me a price

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    Hi bladesman, I have already promised first refusal to Rotwild if I sell them...copy of my PM to him below.

    I bought them from this site at Christmas (for 130 I think) and have worn them 5 times so if I can sell them for say 125 and get longer/larger for the same sort of money it would be good.

    They are in great condition and quite wearable by me as they are, so I really want to locate another pair before I part with these. If anybody has a pair of C50 or C52 they want to flog please get in touch.


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