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Thread: Schmidt 7 x 50

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    Schmidt 7 x 50

    H gents looking hue a little advice on scopes , I own a 6 x 42 Schmidt and an 8. X 56 they're both great but i find myself wanting a little more mag for long range shots when using the 6 x and for woodland the 8x is sometimes a little too much power so I'm thinking the 7 x is a perfect medium , is anybody using one how do you find it for woodland stalking and in the hill?

    ​Many thanks , jim

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    no experience with s and b but i had a 7x50 zeiss and i regret selling it best scope i ever had

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    I've got one on my .270, quality bit of kit never had any issues I doubt I'll ever change it as it's always done what I asked of it.


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    ive also got a s&b 7x50 on my sako 270 up graded from a 6x42 think is a great scope and size

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    in real terms I doubt that you would tell much difference between them. I would stick to what you got. I use a 4-12 x 50 swarovski and have it on 6 most of the time, I have sometimes "forgot" to turn up the mag for long shots, 200 yds ish, and it hasnt been a problem. The higher mag is used mainly when lamping.

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    Tanks for the replies gents , have any of you found the 8 x 56 a little too much power while in woodland ? Or is it just me?

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