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Thread: Portable highseats

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    Portable highseats

    I have decided to get one of these , short list of either the Seeland Hercules , or the GDK Telescopic , has anyone tried both of these and able to make a comparrison ? your views are eagerly awaited, i also noted that they are not that high could this be a disadvantage at all ,

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    You would be well advised to PM 'mereside' before buying either of those mate. His seats are quality.

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    Saw Meresides portable highseat at the Kelso show and it looked a quality piece of kit.


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    I sent gdk back couldn't get on with it. There's a guy on here posted pics of modifications he has made to his. Mine gave me loads of pain. I regularly use a panther and they're ok quite like them. Waiting for a mereside one to arrive and ill do a post when I've used it. From his video it looks good more sturdy than gdk. I think the panther is similar to the Hercules.

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