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Thread: Ruger M77 - Picatinny or Weaver rail for centrefire

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    Ruger M77 - Picatinny or Weaver rail for centrefire

    Hello all

    As you probably know we sell a lot of night vision and a constant thorn in our side is sorting out weaver rails for non run of the mill rifles.

    We can supply or carry most rails for Remington, Tikka, Sako, Browning, Mannlicher etc however Ruger M77 centrefire with a stepped receiver is very hard to source.

    We thought we had it sussed as Third Eye Tactical planned on making one using a US made component as an idea, however they are not producing one now.

    There are a few US companies make them, Weigand, Leatherwood etc, however has anyone here ever sourced another brand, as with import export restrictions, weapon attachments from the US are restricted, even to a dealer without an export licence, so for occaisional Ruger M77 mount requests perhaps not worth the hassle.

    This is what we need....

    Any thoughts?


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails opplanet-leatherwood-ruger-m77-all-steel-long-and-short-action-one-piece-picatinny-base.jpg  
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    Have ordered some from EGW in the USA, however given weeks to come i could do with a UK solution if anyone has any ideas?

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    .....was hoping you were going to solve the issue as have been after one for ages......!!
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    Hi Eric

    We have done....we think......

    Found a supplier in the USA who are making them for us and they are enroute now so will post accordingly when they arrive.

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    Been looking into this for a mates 243 but not bought anything yet. I think warne do a 1 piece steel rail number A971

    Ken Farrell does a rail

    Ken Farrell, Inc. -- Ruger M77 Long in Steel Black Matte - 20 MOA

    also found this labelled as a ruger to weaver rail

    SWFA Mounts, Rings and Bases B-Square Mounts B-Square Ruger to Weaver Base Adapters

    but don't have a clue what to order


    Edit; just notice you have some coming please can you let me know price when they arrive so I can pass details to my mate
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    Hello Night Stalker, it all depends on import duties.

    Put it this way Midway UK retail the same part for almost 130.00 made by Leatherwood, so it will be considerably cheaper than that.

    We tried to buy the Midway part but they dont carry it as a stock item sadly.

    Leatherwood Hi-Lux 1-Piece Tactical Picatinny-Style Scope Base Ruger 77 Matte - R77MT - Midway UK

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    Yup the Farrel one will be very well made but at $130 dollars plus carriage and import duties you are looking similar to the Midway Leatherwood part.

    We will post when our US made ones arrive, and will sort a price but we estimate circa 70-90

    Tikka T3 genuine are in the 80.00 region and Blaser in the 250 region so its not out the way for a tactical component i guess.

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    I passed a Ruger rail onto Craig at Third Eye Tactical, but due to the companies workload they have not had chance to set them into production yet
    They are available from the States but expect to pay 90 with the duty and Parcel Forces charges.
    This company also does mounts and rings for nearly every rifle ever made.

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