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Thread: Rifle cleaning kits

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    Rifle cleaning kits

    Following on from my earlier thread about ammo and shooting in the barrel, I've been investigating the rifle cleaning process and the various equipment needed.

    I've compiled a list of items I'll need, but am having trouble finding these items listed for sale on the web - and it appears hopeless trying to find a single supplier for everything!

    I plan to drop over to the Sportsman to check out their shelves at some point in the next couple of weeks, but can anyone recommend an online supplier for cleaning stuff?

    I'd be looking for:

    phosphor bronze brush for .308 calibre
    cleaning rod to fit above
    bore guide to fit .308 barrel
    jag or other method of holding patches
    shooters choice, Hoppes etc copper remover
    Forrest Bore foam

    I'd also be interested in hearing about any items that others use in their cleaning process...

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    I pull a boresnake through which has the tail end lightly oil soaked after every outing. I use forest bore foam after about 50 rounds and then pull a cotton patch through until it comes out clean. Very basic cleaning kit really but seems to do the job well!

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    I would recommend the VFG cleaning system, the one with the two tampon system that pushes the dirt out of the muzzle and leaves a clean one to pull back through.

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    I'm with deerman on this one, I've used the VFG kit for a few years now and the other stuff - the jags, phosphor bronze brush etc - is gathering dust now.
    I order via these guys
    Scroll down to see the general purpose and intensive felt cleaners.
    Good kit and reliable supplier, there might be others, and I have seen the stuff on sale at country fairs etc but Edenkillie are good.

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    Pippa, Wipeout foam, nuff said!

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    You can get all of this from Aftab at Reloading Solutions (01865 378200). Make sure that the brushes and jag that you buy match the rod, you may need an adapter. Buy several PB brushes as they wear. Buy copper solvent in small bottles as it goes a long way and makes a hell of a mess if you spill a large bottle! You also need methalated spirit for the final wipe through (depending what school of thought you follow on cleaning). You will shortly be bombarded with a thousand posts telling you why one method is better than another! All I would say is that the bore should be clean and oil free when you have finished (hence the meths) and ready to fire a round at a deer. I would urge you to zero with a cold, clean barrel so that you know where that first shot is going to go. Forget all about fouling shots in my opinion. JC

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    Another vote here for VFG.

    I have to say that I've become slightly less anal about the cleaning regime than I used to be.

    These days I pull a boresnake through the rifle when I get the rifle out of the cabinet, as my cabinet is under the stairs and a bit cooler than I'd like. Then if I've shot something I'll pull the boresnake three times through the rifle when I get back, or just once if I've blanked.

    Once a year before I go up to Scotland I'll give the barrel a good clean using Forrest Borefoam and the VFG system, as I know we'll be zeroing on the Sunday evening.

    Most of my shots are sub 150 yards and my rifle (a Sako .308) shoots CCB where I aim, or at least close enough for government work.


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    Fabulous responses guys - many thanks for all the advice! Also looked up a few videos (all from the US) on Youtube to see the physical actions for a bit of extra study... There are some pretty good ones - most advertising specific brands of course, but the process is much the same in all of them.

    I got distracted and started looking at some of the 'breaking in your barrel' videos as well, and stumbled on one that was a bit of a spoof! The shot opens with a view of a stone quarry - a bit strange for a range, I thought - then a guy appears from out of shot, and throws a rifle on the ground, picks it up, and throws it down again a few times, until (he says) he can 'hear the right acoustics'. He then inspects the damage on the stock, barrel and scope, and pronounces it 'broke in'...

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