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Thread: DCS Level 1 Course - Edinburgh

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    DCS Level 1 Course - Edinburgh

    Places available on DSC Level 1 two day course to be run on 20/21 July 2013 near Edinburgh.
    Cost which includes lunch/coffee, revision material - 240.
    Although very full in content this course does require some prior home study to be totally prepared.
    Estate Rifle available.

    Please Pm for further details. Deposit at time of booking is required.

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    Due to circumstances this course has had to be moved from 20/21 July to 27/28 July 2013. A few places are still available. This course is being hosted by ourselves with the course imput from Paul Adkins (Paul at Barony). Over the last while Paul has very successfully tutored candidates and going by entries in this Forum his presentations have been very well accepted and the outcomes of successful passes speak for themselves. The venue is very close to Edinburgh.

    Please PM for further details.

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    I was planning on doing the course at the end of the year with you after i have had more experience in the field but i am wondering if there is any way i could get a digital copy of dsc1 one to take on holiday with me to allow me to study whilst i am away ??

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    Dax pm sent about the info

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    Unfortunately due to a clash with a Barony College event we have been found it necessary to reschedule this course to the weekend of 10/11 August 2013. There are still a couple of places left available for this excellently presented course. Study material will be supplied and day 1 is a very comprehensive input covering all aspects of DSC Level 1 by Paul Adkins (Paul at Barony.) The course is well priced at 240 with lunches and coffees being provided.
    To register please pm either myself or Paul at Barony.

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    A couple of spaces still available.

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    An extremely successful weekend with all the candidates passing with flying colours. I am very grateful for the skills and assistance of Paul Adkins and Andrew Treadway for making these weekends training and assessments a total and enjoyable experience for the candidates. My thanks to the candidates for their efforts in making everything a success and I wish you all the best for your futures.
    We foresee these weekends becoming a regular event and are always keen to be contacted by anybody looking to attain DSc Level 1 in the Central Scotland area.
    Congratulations to all.

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    Great tuition, great people and company and top class hospitality and proper stalking location on Arniston. Highly recommended.

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    Cheers guys and well done all, it was a cracking area to have a course


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