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Thread: Which is the best all round Caliber

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    Which is the best all round Caliber


    I am getting mixed messages as to which is the best caliber rifle to buy for stalking.

    I would like a rifle which I can use in most situations.

    I have been recommended .243 as a good all rounder, but after reading more I am now thinking .308

    What do you all think, I would welcome your suggestions.


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    .500 Nitro Express will deal effectively with anything in the UK.

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    Go for a 270win. Unfashionable round with many people saying it is to fierce but I notice less recoil on it when fitted with a sound mod as I experience with my .243win. Go onto gun trader as there are some bargains to be had in this calibre. It will also shoot a lot flatter than a .308.

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    Very much depends on which species you are shooting?

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    Please read this thread - specifically the second/third comment!

    what caliber rifle

    There are a TON of threads on this topic, so the best bet is to read those first before taking us all down (yet) another rat hole!!!

    If you could have just 1 Deer Calibre
    Which calibre
    what calibre

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    Have a look at the thread in rifles and calibres, been done to death and if you're any wiser when you've read all those pages let me know. It all boils down to personal preference and the best advice is go out and try different calibers, rifles and see which you prefer or what suits your needs best,good luck .
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    for anything in the uk, and a 'mixed bag' including targets to a good distance, except for maybe boar, the 260rem is an excellent choice, ie. for varminting, targest, roe/sika, up to and including the largest red stags.

    I am planning to re-barrel my .243 sako into exactly 'that', unless I change my mind again.
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    .308 all day long....
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    Here we go again,

    Anything, as long as it's not a Blaser!

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