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Thread: 2,5x for driven hunts?

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    2,5x for driven hunts?

    Hello, I dont do driven hunting often but eventually I would have a chance to go on a hunt like that. Maybe for wild boars in Poland.

    Will it be okay to use a S&B Zentih Flashdot 2,5-10x56 at such a hunt? I often hear people goes for scope with low 1x mag for that kind of hunts.

    So anyone tried driven hunts with mag 2,5 or 3x?, which most normal scopes offers?

    My personal thought is that I got the best hunting rifle scope i can get in the S&B, and dont plan on buying another one just for a lower magnification.

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    In some countries 4x is the maximum allowed on driven hunts because of the restricted field of view.
    People go for a lower magnification because it allows them to feel more comfortable when shooting with both eyes open.
    I used a 3x magnification for several years without any trouble.
    It would seem that you have an ideal all round 'scope already which would be perfectly adequate for driven Boar in Poland and Deer or any other quarry.

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    I shot a few driven hunts with a No. 1 recticle non illuminated zeiss 2.5-10x52 which worked a treat.
    Have shot a few running game with a 2.5-10x50 Kaps, closest 2m.
    I tried a 1.5-5x24 illuminated this year but didn't like it in dark forests. Black animal with a black background
    just didn't work. My 3-12 zenith FD or the Kaps would have been much better.
    If one goes for a small objective I think it is important to go for good quality glass.
    The old classic 1.5-6x42 might be a good compromise.

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    Been using a Swaro 2.5-10x42 on driven hunts this past few years. Works perfectly well. When I have used a lower mag scope in the past, I ended up cranking it to 2.5 or 3x anyway for the bigger image.

    My only objection to the 56mm Schmidt is that it is a big heavy scope and will adversely affect the handling of the rifle. You want your rifle to handle as much like a shotgun as possible.

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    I believe that a) 3x is the MAXIMUM legally allowed in Poland and that whilst you may use a variable power 'scope it b) must have the ring sellotaped over to stop it being adjusted from that 3x (or any lesser value you set it at) setting.

    So you could take your variable but it must have the ring then taped over (removable tape it is not required to be permanent or damage the 'scope) t any power of 3x or less.

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    I have had a Polish Forester actually lean across me to check that my scope was down to it's minimum of Four and he was happy with that, telling me that 4 was the maximum allowed.
    Nothing was mentioned about tape or any other means of holding it at 4, he was quite happy to accept that I would keep it on 4 and went further along the line, presumably checking the others.
    Had I been able, I would have gone lower for my benefit but was happy to accept that at the time. It was a borrowed rifle which I have since found out or been told, is not allowed in Poland.

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