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Thread: Level 2 in the bag!

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    Level 2 in the bag!

    Nice surprise today when my Level 2 Certificate came through.

    Received my Portfolio in October last year but a few months out the country for work got in the way however, nice to have it completed.



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    Well done mate. It's a good felling when you finally get that certificate.


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    well done mate bet your well chuffed,atb wayne
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    Nice one, still waiting to hear about mine as it was sent off back in February

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    Cheers gents, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Think there are lots of portfolios off the back of the doe season PB so hopefully yours is next mate.


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    Very well done.......I'm looking to register for mine very soon...

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    Congrats, good for you! I'll maybe get registered with a view to starting mine soonish too.

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    Well done Rigboot. Got mine through today as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stringer View Post
    Well done Rigboot. Got mine through today as well.
    Good man Stringer

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    There was a slight backlog, I was waiting for a my first candidate to get his, which was sent off months ago, Mandy had a pile on her desk on Monday awaiting certification, so there may be a few out there today who receive the good news.

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