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Thread: Scope base help!

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    Scope base help!


    I have a tikka M65 in .270 which I inherited from the old man. It came complete with scope, rings and bases - a set up which he had been using for years. I've never changed the set up, although the scope has been off once or twice when work was being done to the rifle. Anyway, i've been having problems with the ejection of spent cartridges, in that they don't clear the chamber! After i've fired, when I pull the bolt back the cartridge flicks up but rather than clearing the chamber it drops back on top of the mag. It's a massive PITA when trying to take a quick follow up shot, as I end up fumbling around trying to pull the spent cartridge out of the way so I can chamber a new round, and risk losing sight of the animal.

    I've sat down tonight and taken the whole scope rig off, and the cartridges extract perfectly well without it on, so i'm guessing the cartridges are hitting something rather than it being an issue with the bolt. Looking at the bases, the front one overhangs the chamber because there's a pin which sticks out of the bottom stopping it from being pushed further forward. Putting the bases back on (without the scope), the problem with the cartridge not clearing starts to happen again, so I think that the overhang might be the problem.

    Is the overhanging of the front bases right? I've been looking at pictures on the web and most front bases i've seen look to be flush with the front of the chamber rather than overhanging.

    I've attached some rubbish pictures which hopefully show what I mean. Any help greatly appreciated.


    SteveClick image for larger version. 

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    Hi Hilver do a rail for tikka M55 and M65 actions I have one on my M55 and it doesn't cause any ejection problems

    Also have a look at these

    Opticswarehouse Hillver, B Square - Steel Fullbore Base Systems


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    I would suspect the ejector might be the cause. Does it work if you cycle the bolt fast. Im nr shrewsbury if u want a second opinion.


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