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Thread: delay in the bang?

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    delay in the bang?

    h414 55grains with 110 hollow point .270 and cci br-2 primers , now ive never used this br-2 primer before usually just standard cci ones i use and ive never used this powder now when i fire these bullets theres 1 shot in every 4 say that when i pull the trigger theres a delay in the bang maybe a second say ive also noticed a bit of like oily balck stuff on my cases , im thinking that ive not resized the necks tight enough however i could be wrong any experts who could shine some light on the matter , and if it is that ive not resized necks properly would crimping them fix the problem ?

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    Sounds to me like a classic hang-fire. Would probably be fixed by re-working the load with a magnum primer. By re-working I mean going back to a starting load and working up again.Smoky deposits on the outside of the case point to low pressure and this would also probably be cured with a hotter primer.I've no experience with the .270; is H414 an appropriate powder for such a light bullet? Would something faster be better?
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    Had similar to this when working up a load for 7mm STW using CCI200 LRP and 73.5 grains of RL 22. there was nothing wrong with the box of primers or the powder as Id used both in my 25-06, I switched to CCI magnum primers and problem was solved straight away. I assume that standard LRP primers are not man enough to ignite that size of load.

    Did you fully dry the cases before loading as I believe slightly damp powder could cause what you have described.


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    why is it only doing it now and again? by a hotter primer can you recomend some ? im geting descent groupings with what ive put together and ive loaded about 80 rounds so i will be using them up, i used 414 as i checked the loads for 110 hollow points on hogdons web site and 414 was what my gun smith had and that was what was on the load data so i just went from there ,

    rick the cases were fully dry i only take them to a friend to clean them for me every 5 loads or so and this is 2end time theve been fired ,

    so i take it even although the primers not igniteing this right away then this will not effect my groupings as ive been geting consistent enough shooting just the delays a bit of a bummer
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    I use h414 in .243 & 22-250 never had any problems with it , may be different with a .270 but great versatility in my rounds. I use federal large rifle primers 210 's but got 500 magnum primers 215's as forums said h414 can be temp sensitive , not found this yet so not used them but will start once the others run out .

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    Have had the same problem with H-414 when loading for the 30-06 using Fedral BR LR rifle primers.

    Changed to CCI 200 LR primers & worked up to the same load without any problem.
    I put it down to the Fedral BR primers as every shot was the same & some of them never went of but there was a good strike on the primer.

    Put it down to a bad batch of primers.


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    You will probably need to switch to magnum primers. Of course you will need to drop the powder charge a bit and work back up as it's been known that magnum primers can raise pressures. Not always but can so...................................

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    I had this in my 7mm rm when I worked up a load using magnum primers. I decided to try different primers but had no other magnum primers to try so I tried the same load using standard primers and the problem was gone. Try different primers if you have some before buying magnums would be my suggestion
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    Hodgdon say 55 grains is the maximum load H414 with a 110 grain bullet. You say you're getting smoke on the outside of the case so you're not getting good pressure rise & obturation.
    Assuming your powder and primers are in good condition it sounds like you need a hotter primer.
    For safety's sake you really should pull the bullets you've loaded. HANGFIRES ARE DANGEROUS! - if you open the breech on one that hasn't gone off, you and others around you could get hurt or worse!
    As previously stated magnum primers should solve your problem but you shouldn't start at the maximum powder load - work up from the book starting figure.


    p.s. I just looked at my Speer Reloading Manual & it recommends CCI #250 Magnum Primers for most H414 loads in most bullets - not just 270. So it looks like H414 is hard to ignite.
    Re-enforces what has been recommended - Change your primers to magnums or your powder & you should solve the problem.
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