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Thread: caliber and grain

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    caliber and grain

    hi there,

    As i am a complete novice could some explain to me what the grain of a bullet it is, what it is what it means etc and what effect a smaller grain has to a larger grain and vise versa, and also the caliber, i know its the size of the round the rifle will fire, but how is it calculated.

    And also this bit doesn't really belong here but goes with what im asking, can someone also explain to the number x number on glass and binos.

    Many Thanks


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    Basically, in novice talk:
    Grains is the unit of measurement used to weigh powders and bullets (the weight of the bullet)
    Calibre is the width of the inside of the barrel of a rifle and not the same as the cartridge a rifle is chambered for.
    have a look here:

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    I've just had a quick clance through. Ill be sure to look through it all and hopefully clear up my confusion.

    Cheers for that buckaroo.



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    One grain =1 /7000 lbs

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    1 grain = 0.0647 grams

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