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Thread: Night rainbow!

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    Night rainbow!

    Absolutely nothing to do with stalking - just took the dogs out to the field entrance by my house for their evening constitutional, and gazed up at the sky to see a rainbow! Never seen one by moonlight before - very odd!

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    Time to lay off the mead!

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    I've been lucky enough to see one once before - up in the Highlands of Scotland. I've never seen one before or since, or even heard of someone else who's seen one, so delighted to hear that you've seen the same! We called it a 'moon-bow', but not sure what it's really called.


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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Time to lay off the mead!

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    If you spend a lot of your life out and about on moonlit nights you get to see them often enough!

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    Loved that site! Yes, the moon was full or near to full and low in the sky. The moonbow was over the sea (or at least I was looking seaward) with the moon behind me. The constellation 'the plough' was right over the top of the moonbow, and you could just about make out the colours - above the moonbow the sky was darker and inside it appeared brighter...

    Being out here in the sticks there's hardly any light pollution to hide events in the sky, so it was great to have popped out with the dogs just in time to see this...

    Wonder if I'll ever see one again?

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    perfect timing of the phases for moonbathing just now!

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    me too

    much less glamourous but I saw one a couple of years ago next to the A1 in North Yorks. Made me look twice I can tell you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pippa
    . . . above the moonbow the sky was darker and inside it appeared brighter... Wonder if I'll ever see one again?
    There was/is an Open University programme which explains all there is to know about rainbows and is completley fascinating from beginning to end. It makes reference to the phenomenon you describe where the sky beneath or within the rainbow is brighter than the sky above or outside and that science, as yet, has failed to provide an explanation why this should be.

    I certainly do hope you may see one again. It must surely be a wonderous sight. Imagine if you could see one beneath a show of the Northern Lights!

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    Moon bow

    I saw one a few years ago out over the Bristol Channel - - fantastic. Not much chance of seeing the Northern Lights although a dozen years ago whilst out late night fishing with my father we saw lots of flickering in the northern sky or was it some of you Northerners or Midlanders having one of those rave thingys!

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