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Thread: 6.5-284 or 6.5-06

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    6.5-284 or 6.5-06

    I am still deliberating on which one,got a question,does your 1 in 8 or 1 in 8.5 twist 6.5-284s shoot varmint bullets say 95gr v max or 100gr nos bal tips exceptionally well or do you struggle to make them shoot,would the 6.5-06 shoot them better being different case dimensions,I want it to be dual purpose as I want to shoot it at 1000yds with 139gr scenars or 142gr smks,your opinions please,regards swarovski

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    Based on the availability of dies and brass I would get a 6.5-284. In terms of the detailed questions above, whoever is going to do the work will give you an answer. I had a 1:8 twist on my 260 Rem and I now have a 1:8.5 twist on it. Both barrels shoot the 123/129/140/142's without issues. I would expect both to shoot lighter bullets without any issues. Regards JCS

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    Mine would be based on the fact that 284 brass is considerably more expensive than the 06 brass.
    I have shot scenars extensively out of a 6.5mm and they were certainly more effective and accurate than the smk's,that was in my rifle might be completely different in yours.
    Border built the rifle with the 139gn scenar in mind and it shot extremely well,then I went and sold it!!
    It also shot the 95gn Vmax well but not as well as the scenars, I also found that the scenars were more destructive on fox's than the vmax.

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    Built a few 6.5-284 with 1-8.5 and they shoot 95 v- max verry well
    and these chambers were throated for 140 vlds
    ​uou just have to jump them a fair bit but they group well

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    dont know why you want to shoot 95 or 100 grain bullets. In my experience the 140 grain bullets are the bees knees out of the 6.5-284, better at bucking the wind.

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    i shoot 6.5x284 140gr vld shoots really well.i don't really see the the point in shooting a 95/100gr bullet in this can be a barrell burner at the best of time let a lone shooting a light weight bullet in it.

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    Some like to have a super flat round for lamping at night then long range bullet for day time and target work

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    I want it to shoot flattish really mainly for lamping.with 100yd zero my 25 06 usig 85gr nos bal tips only drop 1 inch at 200 yds zeroed at 100yds.i dont wannabe compensating in the dark.just see it and shoot it.

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    I set mine so its zeroed at 180m(200yards) on a fox sized target this means you dont have to think about hold over until 220m and over

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