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Thread: Excessive meat damage

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    Excessive meat damage

    Excessive meat damage.

    I have been using Hornady 117g BT through my 25-06 and have found they are a real butchering round, I have only shot nine deer with them so far (fallow, roe, muntjac) and i have not even finished the first box and I have already decided only to use them on vermin from now on. I have enclosed a picture of a Roe buck I shot last week to show the damage, shot at 130m.

    A friend has been using the PPU Prvi Partizan 100g PSP in his and says they are very good, he has only shot roe and munties with his but said they do the job perfectly, does anyone else use these and what do they think? I am really looking for an all round bullet, for all British deer and the odd fox. I do not reload, but any suggestions welcome.
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    Aye thats what i use for foxing , shot roe with them but like you say too much damage , i reload so use sierra soft nose for deer and bt for fox , atb arron.

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    I reload but previous to that used 117 grain Sako, 117 grain federal classic, and 120 grain federal fusion (my rifle loved these) all soft point bullets. I found meat damage o be minimal with the 120's.

    My bullets of choice now I reload are 100 grain NBT's meat damage can sometimes be bad on boiler house shots under 60 yds but they work really well at longer ranges.


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    thats a ballistic tip doing what it does best expanding violently when it hits bone, simple answer is go to a soft point and possibly depending how your rifle shoots them a heavier one as it should be going slower and hence be less explosive.

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    I think the clue is in the BT bit, as already said, soft point, i use Speer in my .243 and Sierra Gameking in my 30-06, both good heads.
    Having said that your bullet did its job, one dead deer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jon15 View Post
    Excessive meat damage.

    I have already decided only to use them on vermin from now on. I have enclosed a picture of a Roe buck I shot last week to show the damage, shot at 130m.
    This is a good decision as although you clearly can do the business so to speak with neck shots, I canít help feeling the knowledge of such massive damage in a classic heart/lung shot would be an unwelcome consideration when all else it telling you NOT to chance a neck/head shot.

    Just my view of course.



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    That looks like one hell of a mess. Is that typical, or is this an unusally badly damaged example? I've been using Nosler BTs, and have had nice clean holes and very dead roe deer. But then my experience is limited.

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    Hi Jon,

    That was one of the reasons I sold my 25-06 . . . I tried virtually all available [factory} bullets for the calibre.
    Some wouldn't group worth a damn . . .the 100g B/Ts blew roe to smithereens, the 117g B/Ts were no better . . I tried heavier 120g soft points which resulted in lack of expansion and quite a few runners on the does last year . . . .I ended up using federal 117g soft points for everything, and to my mind they were the best of a bad bunch.

    The 25-06 is a great callibre { especially on red hinds} but one I think can only be at its best if home loading so you can load to your own specific requirements.
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    a plastic tipped "ballistic" style bullet doesn't necessarily mean it is frangible

    Hornady dont do a 117gr VMax in .25 as far as I know
    They do a 117gr SST which is marketed as a expanding Interlock with a plastic tip to give better BC

    I personally am not a fan of SST's as this is exactly what I experienced despite the marketing machine telling me they expand like SP interlocks

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    I've had exactly the same experience with a bulk buy of factory 117g Hornady SST Superformance .25-06. I bought them for the reds but have ended up using most of them on the smaller species and foxes. Can pretty much ruin a muntjac. I'm trying to make my way through them and want to revert to a handload when I have time but if I have to buy factory again I will revert to Sako 117gr softnosed which had nothing like the internal explosion but good accuracy for me.

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