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Thread: DSC2 passed

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    DSC2 passed

    The BDS courses/training department have just told me I've passed my DSC2 - excellent news. I think this evening it'll have to be muntjac steak and ribs from the small wood I've started managing the deer in, accompanied by a couple of bottles of malbec.

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    Ecellent news loosehead, Iam awaiting my results, so fingers crossed!!

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    Well done loose head it's great to get the news and Atb to you as well patrick

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    How long did you have to wait from submitting your portfolio to getting the written confirmation that you passed?

    And how does that waiting time compare with the time the Police takes to issue a SGC, FAC or variation, a waiting time that is generally severely critised by the shooting organisations that represent us, and offer the DSC2 assessment? Oops that sounds almost sarcastic...

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    Congrats on your level 2 Loosehead
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Good for you, congrats!

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    Well done

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    well done still looking to start mine

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