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Thread: Just like to introduce myself.

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    Just like to introduce myself.

    I started out by helping my best mates farther on a small syndicate shoot an hour north of Bradford, it was just inside North Yorkshire, and I would have only been 11 or 12 at the time. I have been shooting ever since, apart from a brief period whilst married to she who must not be mentioned. I started out with a .410 shot gun shooting grey squirrels and rats etc, and progressed to a 12ga and .22rf as my size and age allowed.
    I continued to help out my best mate and his farther, on various shoots in north Yorkshire. In the late 80ís I began to shoot centre fire rifles, and competed at lower level events with some success. This continued until the early 90ís when I was with she who must not be mentioned for a few years and was living in Lincolnshire, this stopped my shooting forays.
    By the time the later half of the 90ís had come round, I had seen sense and gone back to shooting, as well as divorcing she who should not be mentioned. In addition to this I had moved to North Yorkshire.
    I got back into gamekeeper and vermin control using various calibres, chopping and changing as my whims dictated. Then in the year 2000 I was introduced to deer stalking and was immediately smitten. I was mentored by a good friend and learnt much and was encouraged to undertake the DSC qualifications, this I did and made friends on the courses I attended and the stalkís I under took. I normally use a GSP or Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla for my stalking, training my own animals, but currently I only have my gundog, a cocker spaniel (bitch) who has taken to tracking deer wonderfully, due to losing my much loved Vizsla.
    Currently I have some small parcels of land to stalk on, and assist a gamekeeper friend with his duties. Currently In the armoury is .22rf CZ, .222Rem Browning A-Bolt and a 6.5x55SE Sako Finnlight. I am currently planning to buy another deer dog, probably another HWV.

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    Welcome! Have you tried Roy Bebbington on Richmond, he breeds HWV?

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    Sounds like a full & varied life so far!

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    Yes I know Roy but have not contacted him yet, as not quite ready for new dog yet.

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    aye up are you back in the bradford area thats where i stay i use vizslas

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    Live in North Yorkshire Amberdog but often move south to Bradford for social occasions, and to visit friends and family.

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