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Thread: First FAC *Good News

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    First FAC *Good News

    Sorry, this isn't really a legal 'issue' but might give hope to those in the process.

    My FEO has just left having handed over my first ever FAC a 6.5x55 and mod for deer with no mentoring conditions! So as you can imagine, I'm very, very happy.

    Having read all sorts of horror stories I started out on this journey assuming that I'd be lucky to get a .243 and a requirement for 'adult supervision' at all times! Admittedly it's not a completely open certificate (usual 'land deemed suitable' stuff) and this is usually where someone jumps in and says that it should be. But given my circumstances and what I have planned this really isn't an issue.

    So thanks to everyone who has helped me out thus far with my DSC and lots of good experience/advice and thanks to N. Herts for a brilliant service and a sensible decision.

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    It sounds to me as if you've been given the same FAC as I have, in the sense that you asked for exactly what you needed, probably backed up with credible evidence that you did, and that's what they gave you. That's near as damn it open to all intents and purposes. Did they also tell you that if you keep doing what you're doing, you can apply to have it opened in a few years time? Anyway, well done, and enjoy it! What's on the shopping list?

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    Didn't talk about opening it up – TBH I almost fell over when I looked at the conditions and saw no mention of mentoring!

    The shopping list is filling my head with confusion. I must have played with ten or fifteen shotguns (and bought two cheapies!) before I settled on my Browning. But it's not so easy to find a bunch of rifles all in one place – let alone the right calibre!

    I'm just going to keep repeating the words 'you do not need to buy a gun today' to myself...

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    No, buy the one that you want, even if it takes a while, and it will take a while if you settle on anything that isn't one the top three or four most popular choices. That said, you've chosen a pretty common calibre so there's a lot of stock out there. For what it's worth, the place I went to compare the feel of lots of different rifle types was the Holt's auction previews. I had a shortlist of rifles based on my online and printed material research, but then I was able to confirm my preference by handling rifles there.

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    Well done Blowin, exicting times ahead.
    My FAC is closed but it has not caused an issue or restricted my stalking in any way.

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