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Thread: Night Vision Demo Units - 7 Day Trial

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    Night Vision Demo Units - 7 Day Trial


    We get a lot of PM's and emails from forum members asking about our NV demo units so thought we would do an update.

    We currently offer the following units for demo purposes, where you can try at home before you commit to owning a unit.

    This gives you the opportunity to see if its right for you before committing to a new unit from us(conditions apply)

    At present we have the following demo units available, and all these units are dedicated demo units, so therefore previously used on demo's for shows etc so may bear the scars and scrapes etc but are perfectly functioning and give a good representation of what you would own, albeit sealed and boxed new.

    Pulsar Forward DFA 75 front mounted wth 56mm, 50mm or 42mm cover ring adaptors (Scope with min mag 3-5 times recommended)

    Pulsar Digisight N750 Weapon sight

    Pulsar Quantum Thermal Imager (accompanied demos only, available both North and South of the border in restricted areas)

    Pulsar Recon 750 Digital Hand Held

    Starlight Archer 3rd Gen

    Nite Site NS200

    Night Master NM800IR

    Yukon Photon 5x42 (Brand new so only demo at our premises until production models arrive where we will dedicate one as a demo)

    Please feel free to contact us should you be interested in our demo service, and to receive more details or visit us online at

    Scott Country Night Vision Specialists

    Best Regards

    Paul Stewart
    Scott Country
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    gonner have to wait

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    You are more than welcome to come try this one, it is sitting here waiting but is not a production model so doesnt have all the ports etc it should have.

    I was just letting a customer who drove down from Glasgow have a play with it in the yard actually and he was very impressed.

    Note the new soon to be released Covert Night Master attached also!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	nmphoton.JPG 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	photonnm.JPG 
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    yup cant wait for new toy to come in and be posted out

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    Neither can i they are very much anticipated.

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    o'well summers comin thay say
    all the best

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    whats a sensible viewing /shooting range with the nite site 200?, just heard someone talking about one today.

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    Hello Andrew, it depends really on the subject however in average conditions of a reasonable sized target (fox etc) i would expect 130 yards approx.

    I would also consider the Yukon Photon, at 399.99 it offers amazing performance for the



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    ok thanks, will have a look into it,

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    Hi, I have pmd you about the DFA 75
    Cheers Rob

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