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Thread: Sharpening an Eka swingblade

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    Sharpening an Eka swingblade

    Gents, i did too many legs with one i have been given and now cant get the bugger sharp again, what sharpeners do you use on yours? I normally use just a victorinox boning knife and a ceramic kitchen sharpening wheel, but it doesnt seem to work in the eka!

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    its a lansky i use on mine. the one where you have the 4 ceramic robs in a wooden box(cnt remember the name) i bought mine from moray outfitting. makes it sharp enough to shave with.
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    If its the curved blade its a sod. I bought a small sharpener from Gregor in Tain last september. Its similar to a blade tech but also has ceramic rods in it as well. This thread reminds me to look for a round rod for my lansky system. If you are struggling you could post it to me if you like.


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    i use a FALLKNIVEN DC4
    ​on all my stainless hard steel knives

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    +1 for the sharp maker, but personally I just use a butchers steel.
    however I am a butcher and find it second nature but to a novis it will come with practice.

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    For the conventional blade I use a lansky turn box 4 and a strop, for the unzipper a oval butchers steel or single ceramic rod from the turnbox seems to give the best results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6.5rem700 View Post
    i use a FALLKNIVEN DC4
    ​on all my stainless hard steel knives

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    Hi Gary!
    I use, for all knives the Vulkanus sharpener, its a very professional tool!

    Vulkanus Messerschärfgerät, Stainless Steel von - Schärfer - Messer - Ausrüstung Online Shop -

    In my car I take a similar one in a smaller size with me, just in case....


    I used the Lansky before, but these two tools are the most easiest to use and the results are razor sharp!

    Atb, dont cut your fingers with the perfect swingblade,

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    Edgepro Apex or Wicked Edge................but spendy much money.

    Nothing will touch either of these two bad boys other than a little Japanese master sharpening a Tanto blade

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