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Thread: new lapua brass ?

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    new lapua brass ?

    Hi all,
    This may sound daft but I have reloaded for my 7mm 08 for a long time but have only ever bought and used fired once brass before.
    I have recently bought some .308 lapua brand new cases for my blaser here comes the daft bit ! Do I need to do anything to them before I reload them ?
    I am guessing not apart from making sure they are clean and free from FOD (foreign object debris) but I do want to check.
    Also is there likely to be any difference in accuracy when I reload these cases after I have fired them once in my rifle.

    Cheers Mark

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    Run the expander ball through the necks because some maybe out of shape,check them all,if they look ok shamfer,prime and load up.

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    I would check that the brass fits your chamber. If it does, all I would do is run the brass through an expander mandrel to take any dings out of the case mouths.

    ​Regards JCS

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    It can be that simple but for my factory 7-08 it wasn't. I ended up getting a neck turning set which ended up the same price as the best quality 7-08 brass but I now have the bits to turn cheap .308 brass into 7mm that works exceptionally well in my rifle <.6 moa consistently.
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    I use it in my 30-06 fires spot on first time out just put it through the sizing die and chamfer the neck
    use it on my .243 as well

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