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Thread: Tikka m595 recoil pads??

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    Tikka m595 recoil pads??

    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where i can get a new recoil pad that fits my tikka m595? Id like a "posh" pad!
    thanks for looking!

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    Apparently they fit these to "Best" guns...

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    not sure about tikka, but sako uses silver and/or silver style pads. you'll need to fit them properly though, ie, scribe outline and sand with a disc sander then attach to the stock.

    I wouldn't expect you to be able to buy an off-the-shelf pad that will properly fit your stock.

    I can do the work for you if you're interested, but so could any decent gunsmith or stocker, just be aware of idiots doing a half-as* job for £125 with a cheap block of vulcanised rubber..I've seen it too many times!


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    The problem's im having are the fit, width is ok but the width at the top is no where near even a couple of mill off in most cases. Thanks for the reply! what do you suggest?

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    you have to buy a pad that is larger than the butt of the stock, put the stock on it evenly and scribe the outline, dust some fine powder on so you can see the scribe line. use a disc sander to finely cut up to the scribe lines, using furniture polish as a lubricant. Final 1/2mm I prefer to do by hand with wet/dry to ensure the disc sander doesn't go too far, you can always take off, but never add!

    once size is right, put a dowel from the back through so it raises a piple on the face of the pad, with a blade, cut a wee slit north/south, then put the pad over the butt of the stock and insert a scribe through the slit (grease it), you can then mark where the centre of the top hole should go. measure the bottom hole using calipers and mark accordingly. drill pilot holes, then glue and screw in place, remembering to put grease on the screws and screwdriver so they glide through the rubber slit, when you then pull the screwdriver out, the slit will close up and there will be no signs/holes.

    ​et voila
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