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Thread: rifle camo

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    rifle camo

    whats your opinion on full or part rifle camo. i ask because my rifle needs face lift, stock is very tiered and bluing needs a freshen up but i was tempted to do a full camo job instead

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    Imagine you put the rifle down in order to do something.
    Later, you stalk into range of a magnificent beast, get into position and shoulder the rifle, but what's this? No bolt, no safety-catch, no 'scope!
    You accidentally picked up a stick, rather than your rifle, because the cammo was just too good.

    Is it worth the risk?

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    Well do you want your rifle to look nice. IF yes get done it will give your gun a good face lift. It won't work any better and the deer can't tell or care what colour you paint it. In my opinion all they see is movement. Full cammo clothes and gun i bet they can see you move. I am not being negative i think a nice cammo gum looks great. Good luck with your choice.

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    Like this you meanAttachment 27547 this was a stock I tried to put a drop down magazine on but mucked up the inletting so filled with Devcon and painted itAttachment 27548

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    John had one for sale in his Gun shop but when i asked to see it he couldn't find it so think of resale value.

    He has the same problem with clouthing no one seems to look at it he says .
    He now has a string tied to the rail when it move the customers look right at it.

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    ive done allot of camo and refinishing work on rifles myself in the past but mainly air and rimi, so think i will go down the camo rout as i like a nice one off rifle.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20120629_140625.jpg 
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Name:	20120804_200739.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_0880.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_0060.jpg 
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Name:	20120510_141610.jpg 
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Name:	20120528_192113.jpg 
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    wasnt sure of the reaction to it, i know allot of the seasoned rimi and air shooters hate camo rifles lol
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    Hydrographics is not as hard wearing as duracote or ceracote, but it can make a tried gun look much better!
    These never saw the rifle:
    Attachment 27561Attachment 27563Attachment 27564

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    I hit the barrel of my 6.5x55 FN with a coat of Olive Drab Green high temp, flat enamel paint. Degreased the metal and warmed it in the sun before application. It's wearing well despite having several hard hunts involving brush, rocks, and snowy weather. When it does scratch badly enough to warrant a fix I will simply dust it with another coat. Cheap solution to a shiny barrel but then, this is a shooting gun, not a showpiece.~Muir

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    well going to camo my .243 just waiting on my gallons of Krylon to arrive

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