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Thread: Very Biased Consultation about firearms inviting the EU to Interfere

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    Very Biased Consultation about firearms inviting the EU to Interfere

    A common approach to reducing the harm caused by criminal use of firearms in the EU, this supposed consultation invites interference from the EU on GB firearms legislation, if you put anything other than option 1, instinctively people are guided to what seem reasonable answers but the end result will be firearms law will be coming from EU and our MP's can wash their hands of any responsibility for restrictions, see it here.

    16,000 people have replied so far, lets hope they are shooters who have read the questions!
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    I've just responded, and made the point on each comment section that the questions are hugely biased, and cannot offer a balanced viewpoint as the option to answer other than their "control it more" agenda is precluded. Sickening!

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    I think what is more sickening is that we pay these jobsworth b*****ds wages!

    Also replied with suitable comments.

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    You can be sure that what comes out of this will be no good for law abiding firearms holders !!!!!!!!!!1

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    I cannot see how an individual can give a considered view, this is an EU consultation not a UK one!, how on earth are you able to know what other member states have as their standards, compare them to ours, then give an answer to this questionnaire

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    Bump, I just completed it with no abuse in the comments sect as it would no doubt get binned.

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