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Thread: 1977 B2g.

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    1977 B2g.

    Absolutely perfect 1977 Browning B25 B2g 12g 27 1/2" barrels and standard 14 1/2" stock with perfect engraving and unmarked oiled stock. This gun is as tight as it was when made and is from the best era as they are totally hand made not like the B25's since the 90's. 11mm rib and no dings dents or marks.
    4,500 or may p/ex.

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    Hi do you have any pictures? Uncles sold his Browning A1 and is looking to replace it with similar, this could be right up his street

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    If you know the history of Brownings finest hand built guns you will already know the provenance. My gun is perfect and if you are seriously entering into hand made guns you may wish to hold and try.

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    any chance of pictures i have a client wanting one
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    Hi, I only have an iphone3 and the quality is poor. There is a picture in my gallery I think.

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    Sorry, no swaps. Need to make room in the tin box.

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    May consider a part ex for a high grade Sauer or Sako in good condition. I am after a 270 cal.

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    Going onto Guntrader. Will post linky.

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