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Thread: impact shifting will it stay the same

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    impact shifting will it stay the same

    hi. i went out this morning for a few shots. i home load and havent had that many rounds through this rifle so am still learning what it is hopefully capable off.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    all three target had three shots. 100 yards off of bipod. white centre dot is an inch. was happy with first target but went three clicks down on scope as was a little high. next three was pleased with but then things start to open up.
    12 shot fired over a period of probably twenty minuets. barrel had warmed up. and i wonder if this is why point of impact is changing.

    biggest question is. if it is the barrel warming and moving when it cools will it return to the original point of impact.

    parker hale 1100 lwt in 308
    a tec mod
    165 gn sierra game kings
    nikon monarch 6 x 42

    any ideas gratefully recieved

    regards pete

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    Looks good to me. As long as the shots are grouping above the white dot, I would be happy. I like to shoot at A4 targets so I can file them for reference. If you want some samples, PM me an e-Mail address as I have a fair selection in Excel.

    Pick a target that works with your scope would be my only comment.

    ​Regards JCS
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    entirely possible that a PH 1100 is not a free floated barrel, depends on previous owners
    2 shots over 20 mins and the barrel will be far from cool
    Add this to a bipod on a 30+ year old lightweight stock not designed for one and Bob's your auntie.

    Personally I would try without a bipod and use a rest/bag or similar and longer periods between fire.

    out of interest have you got a reference point for these loads from before that you are measuring them against?

    I have a rifle that groups horizontal lines if I put 4 or five through in quick succession.
    if I leave it a while between they cluster like a triangle

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    Thanks jcs. I've made these targets to be like shoot n c or dirtybird ones. Found it saves a good amount of walking being able to see where the bullet has gone through as its not always that clear on plain white paper. This also keeps my heart rate down when lying prone. Made them 4 inch with 1 inch centre as this is the criteria for the dsc.
    In hind sight I may have gone for a scope with higher / variable magnification as my friends schmit on 8 x is much easier to see where bullets have gone through target. Is the target you put on here one you use often.

    Bewsher. I haven't kept any targets but have tried federal 150 gn but they would only group about 2 inchs. And would wonder the same. Its definatley not free floating but it does look like there is some bedding compound at the area where bolt housing and barrel meet.

    Do either of you guys think the rilfe having warmed up or got wet and then dried be shooting in a different place or should it return to normal

    Regards pete.

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    define "normal"!

    entirely possible a cold bore shot will replicate POI on target no.2
    have to say I think chasing bench rest groups is the bit that keeps RFD's in business

    I probably would have stopped at the second target! and left the field feeling confident that I could shoot and kill anything brown and furry that stood still at 50-150yds just by pointing and shooting

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    By normal I mean back to where point of impact was for second target.

    And fair enough I probably should of stopped at the second target but had had a few miss fires so wanted to test a few more loads. I don't want or expect target accuracy but just need to know it going to shoot where I point it.

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    A thing no one has mentioned it the heat transferred to the barrel from he sound moderator and the mirage it causes.

    I found on my moderated rifles that the barrels heated up faster and stayed hot longer. This has to effect the harmonics.

    As to Parker-Hales I can speak as I find and unless someone has messed witht eh bedding thy seem to be fairly reliable on returning to POI. The ones that I have problems with not grouping as I would like have all been found to have had the bedding messed with or "improved" by some previous "kind soul" Luckily my own 1100 Lwt was not messed with and shoots very well. It's also a .308.

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    Hi brit.

    From memory of seeing the bedding a while ago it was a deep red colour and maybe looked loose at some point. I dont know if it would be bedded ij the factory oor if as you say some kind soul has improved it. I may get a chance tomorrow to put few roundds through it and see if it has altered ppoint of impact from saturday.

    Sorry about spelling im on a touch screen effort and letts just say wee dont get on

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    The 1100 Lwt I seem to recall being a late model, the 1100 Lwt came out around 1984 I believe, did have bedding material from the factory. I think sales thought it would assist in their US sales.

    I found the synthetic bedding compound loose in the 1200V's stock however I believe the previous owner was responsible for that as he had been improving the rifle. Seems he wanted to try BR shooting with it. That one is a 70's model.

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    hi brit did you do anything with the bedding or just leave it alone. from the condition of the rest of the rifle i would of thought it is original.

    managed to get a couple of shot today and found it was shooting inbetween the second target and last target above. wind was slightly uphill left to right so this might explain it but im not so sure

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