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Thread: Ase utra jet z compact - cleaning

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    Ase utra jet z compact - cleaning

    Have one of these on my 243 remy 700. Are these meant to be cleaned/ If so, how do you take them apart (or do you not take them apart?)

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    They cant be taken apart

    They dont need to be cleaned, just dried after use
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    thanks. How do you dry them?

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    I stick mine on the radiator while I clean the rifle
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    As above, I make sure mine is dry before putting it away. Also, a quick spray of oil inside sometimes (mainly if it's been out in the rain). I've put mine in the oven before aswell to dry it out!

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    As above, I dry mine on radiator but don't forget it and leave it to cook. It's a precision piece of engineering after all.
    A quick squirt of wd 40 from each end and forget about it.
    It's not for cleanaholics .

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    Thanks, radiator it is

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    Also, is there a cover you can purchase for this model?

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    Maintenance instructions state use WD40.
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    Never been a fan of covers.
    They allow moisture to sit in the gap between cover and moderator.
    If you forget and leave it on then this can cause damage,

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