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Thread: Stalking group insurance

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    Stalking group insurance


    In the event a lease is taken on and say four stalkers have a share of the stalking, Is BASC or a similar insurance scheme sufficient or is a specific to site insurance required with a lead name and nominees.

    If so, any ideas on specification, contacts and costs etc ?


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    I have never heard of a group policy specific to the site.
    Individual policies, with Sacs, SGA etc are sufficient

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    I would suggest any of the main membership organisations insurance such as BASC, NGO or SGA for example will cover the public liability angle. Some will also include indemnity to principal ie cover the landlord too, some leases require this.

    Best to check the terms of the lease and then offer the landlord a copy of the full policy wording (not just an information sheet) to check they are happy.


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    Thanks guys appreciated


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