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Thread: Surrey FLO? Any experiance?

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    Surrey FLO? Any experiance?

    Hi all,

    Just sent off for my first FAC and asked for a .308 as I have reds to shoot. I have got DSC1 but not much rifle experiance, too ambitious?

    Can anyone tell me what the Surrey FAO is like and what questions he is likely to ask? Got a feeling I might be hit with the 'mentor' condition due to lack of experiance.



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    Will depend on what experience you have.

    Have you had a centrefire before?


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    Not sure what surrey are like, but I was granted .243 and .308 on my first application (before i did DSC1) with some restrictive conditions of course.

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    Andy - Never owned a gun before - first application.

    Mike - was this recently? And what conditions did you get?
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    It was last year around march I think. Conditions were closed cert (so had to have land passed for suitability) and a condition that I had to be accompanied by and experienced shot (not a named mentor but anyone with a open FAC).

    On passing DSC1 (after having the fac about a month) the accompanied condition was removed.

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    I like my guy, he is very helpful and pro shooting. With no firearms experience you may well end up with a mentor condition.
    .308, because if I want to watch something run away, I'll take my dog for a walk.

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    Recently got my FAC through. No mentoring conditions (may be military experience). Got the usual conditions of Land suitable etc. Its all good. All this in 19 days.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    Hugh - Any idea how long Surrey are taking to process applications?



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    Hi RR,

    Last August,I received my certificate from Surrey within 20 something days. It was my first FAC, it came with a mentoring condition too.

    Good luck with the meeting.


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    Alex what were the requirements for the mentoring condition and how long did it last?

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