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Thread: Landrover gralloch modification

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    Landrover gralloch modification

    I am trying to find some inspiration to allow me to rig up a suitable gantry from the roof of my landy to allow me to hoist up carcasses to gralloch, does anyone have such a system any advice or tips would be great, many thanks

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    Hi, David Stretton at donnington deer park has made vehicle rigs in the past.Steve.

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    Salahdin, you have a p.m.

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    It depends on what you have as a roof rack already and if you are talking Defender or Disco?

    I set up a cantilever system for my 110, easy to do and you can lift most things with a 4:1 lift.

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    Have you watch 'Kingdom of Heaven' one to many times?


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    I was looking at one on a defender some time ago which fitted to the bumper. It was an after market winch bumper with the hi-lift jack hole on either side. Then there was an A-frame with two bars welded at a 60ish degree angle to the ends so they would slot into the jacking holes and hold the A-frame just off of upright. At the top of the A-frame was a snatch block (pulley) that you put the winch line through so you could hoist even the biggest deer up off of the ground with the electric winch on the truck. Even with a standard Defender there are two drain/hi lift holes in both the front chassis rails and rear crossmember so I guess you could make up a hand winch rig that would slot into those for not a lot of money. When you're done with it you just pull it out and lob it in the back or on the roof rack (you'd struggle to get a red sized frame in a 90 due to the length).

    Fixing to the chassis is a much better bet than the roof. It's stronger and you don't have to climb to fit/remove it!

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    I made a simple gallows type arrangement that fitted to the tow hitch on my Defender. It just had a steel eye on the end so I could use either a hand winch or pulley hoist depending on the size of the deer.

    It wasn't ideal having it mounted in the centre of the vehicle as it made it difficult to get the carcase in the door when finished.
    I'm currently modifying it to fit to the back of my VW, slightly trickier as it has a tailgate in the way.

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