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Thread: .375 h&h cleaning kit?

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    .375 h&h cleaning kit?

    Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me of any sites on the net to get some brushes and a jag for a .375 h&h? it might be me being dense but google search isnt being too helpful. Many thanks in advance,

    Cheers Will

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    Pretty sure I managed to find some on eBay, but in the end I bought a brush from kynamco, give them a call, I think it was about 4, so can't grumble at that.
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    Nice one thanks for the prompt reply I'll give them a go

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    Richard at Stalkers UK has Tipton jags and nylon / phosphor bronze brushes for .375 in stock - - and does mail order by phone or on t'internet. Give the grumpy bugger a call at the Stalkers UK world headquarters near Berkhamstead...

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    Nice one cheers for that Adamant

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