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Thread: A Little bit about myself

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    A Little bit about myself

    Hello all,

    I am from the Suffolk area close to Cambridge, Braintree, Newmarket and Bury St Edmonds. So have a good choice of places to go.

    I have been shooting clays for about a year and a half and love it, I can clearly say that I'm addicted to the sport now. I shoot very regularly (most weekends) at my local clubs and try to get to to the Fennes and Lakenheath when I can. i have dabled in a bit of wildfowling last season and hope to do more in the future, I managed 1 teal last season.

    I started out shooting with a Brownig medalist 30 inch multi choke. I got on well with it improving as I went along. as i started to get into the sport I decided that i wanted somthing new and shiny, I managed to get myself a Browning 525 sporter and absolutly love it, I can safely say that I am a Browning man now ha. I managed to grab myself a bargain and got myself a Baikal in very good condition with 2 set of barrels, I took this wildfowling and it is a joy to shoot with. My shooting is getting better now regularly hitting over half of the clays I shoot at now at most shoots.

    Can't wait to get started on this forum to chat to like minded people.

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    Welcome to the SD do you have any aspirations to try deer stalking ? If you think clays are addictive stalking is like meth amphetamine crack and heroin all rolled into one ........ So I'm told

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    Welcome aboard from another Suffolk shooter bazil

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    Welcome to the site, welcome to another branch of shooting. I have always said going on the clays is the best way to get someone started in the shooting sports (something about the dusting of that airborn discus. Immediate satisfaction.)

    Good part of the world forthe stalker round here though. Deer mungous! Any locals noticed the a amount of roadkill munties on the A11 northbound between redlodge and Barton mills?

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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