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    Strange One

    While out Fallow stalking in Perthshire one morning this week , i was watching a group of Fallow moving on the edge of a larch wood, i was about 50m inside the wood but could get a shot through the trees.The deer were all does and kids but we just watched them and eventually a Buck showed, i got a clear neck shot and dropped him on the spot, strange thing was when we went over there was a kid lying dead against the fence about 30m away, on inspection it had a broken neck, presumably it had taken fright at the shot and charged the fence. Anyone had any similar experiences.

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    Is that a bogof offer?

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    Well i put it down to greeeedd how the hell are you making up for your last trip haha

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    Mate shot a fallow doe from a group and a fawn got caught in the fence as they rushed back over into the plantation. not great but these things happen.

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    S**t happens.
    I have heard for my father-in-law about a grup of reds in the fenced plantation that raced against the fence and most of them were killed or injured.
    I have seen a roe deer killed itself hitting a tree on a driven hunt.
    I saw a red stag breaking his antler in velvet hitting the fence.
    Deer as people, sometimes panic.


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