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Thread: Animal behaviorist

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    Animal behaviorist

    Do we have any on here?

    I have a serious aggression problem with my GWP (her not me) and could do with some advise
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    I am not a qualified behaviourist but I have read many books about dog behaviour & training. It is very difficult to give advise over a forum without seeing the dog in person & assessing the situation as a whole, including body language. Can you give me a little more information / detail ? When is your dog agressive ? Is it with other dogs, resourcing guarding, towards strangers ? What do you when your dog is aggressive ? What have you done to try remedy the situation to date ?

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    Hi Tony
    PM inbound

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    Many thanks
    Below is a link to my website.
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    I would just like to say that I think it rather rude to totally ignore and not acknowledge somebodies offer to help. I hope you receive the appropriate help based on kind and positive methods to help your dog. Aggression is almost always based on fear and needs to be dealt with by building up a dogs confidence, whilst strengthening the bond with you.

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    I meant no disrespect Chelle and I appreciate the offer of help. I'm an experienced dog handler and need the services of somebody that has had direct dealings with the very specific problems with this particular animal. Srvet is a vet and, along with others that have responded by pm , has provided professional input.
    Ive read many books on dog behaviour and their training but this doesnt qualify me deal with something I havent had experience of before.
    Again, no disrespect meant.

    Below is a link to my website.
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    Sorted with a good outcome.....thanks all for the help.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Glad you got it sorted - nice to see a Vet showing a genuine interest and helping with behaviour issues, not all are willing to even in a professional capacity, so hats off to SRVet for offering help.

    My OH is a COAPE behaviourist and will only deal with Vet referrals, this works well as our vets are all great and we get a lot of people sent our way with "problem" dogs.

    I would be interested (on a personal level) to know how your wire is bred - would you mind PM'ng me about their breeding - as someone who breeds GWPs I am always interested in those lines that may or may not have thrown an aggressive GWP - (I have one too!)

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