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Thread: .30-06 best make of rifle

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    .30-06 best make of rifle

    Hello, I'm working out which rifle to buy in .30-06 at the moment. I've got a Sako 75 deluxe at the moment in 6.5x55 and its superb, I can't fault it.
    Who makes a nice rifle in .30-06 then ? Any suggestions welcome. I decided to post on this section as being a reloader I'm aware that we folk who reload tend to appreciate the finer points of the above mentioned question

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    If you want an 06 for accuracy alone I'll go with a older Remington 700 action or one of the custom made actions that are based on the Remington 700 . And put a Shilen , Hart or Lilja barrel on it with an aluminum bedding block free floated stock .

    If your after a 06 that looks good and shoots well but is more in the hunting gun description I'd go again with a Remington 700 in the "Mountain Rifle" persuasion , a Cooper Model 54 in the Classic Hunter pursausion or possibly a 60's era Mannlicher Schoenauer Carbine with a 20" barrel and full length stock !

    Might even look hard at the Savage Longe Range Hunter !

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    Nice, thanks for that, I've got some idea where and what to look for now. I'm in this sport for the hunting so I'll be looking for something closer to what you put in the second paragraph of your post. Kind regards, Olaf

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    I have got a sako 85 deluxe in 30-06 on order with an expected delivery of early September!

    Not exactly "on the shelf"

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    Although if you order one as well it might encourage them to bring the production run sooner

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    I don't believe this production run bullhockey at all. rather it's when the UK importer has enough numbers to fill his order. I'll bet that there is no wait for a 30-06 in the US and as they are made in the same factory it's simply down to the useless importers once again.

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    I have owned a Sako 85 in 30-06 for several years. I also reload for it. I use it exclusively for deer and do not target shoot at all. I am well pleased with the rifle's performance on the larger deer species with 165 grain Speer SPBT bullets and Viht N160. The rifle has a 20 inch barrel and a T8 mod. It gives 2,800 fps mv across the chronograph.

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    If you want something classy & a bit different, a Steyer Mannlicher stutzen (Luxus of course) might suit you. It is a very different beast to the Sako but is a great woodland or hill rifle - nice for that special day!
    It's handy, very pointable, light weight so easy to carry, well made & accurate, has the option of set triggers (single or double) & lovely wood all in a mid price bracket package.
    I like mine - a lot!


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    sako 85 stainless/laminate dm80 mod cannot fault it,shoots sub moa with factory or handload.

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